Save energy & money with LED lighting, building automation solutions, and more!

Why Upgrade?


Simple - it saves you money! 

Upgrading your lighting, lowers electric bills, reduces maintenance costs and improves operations.


1. Energy Rebates from power companies

2. Pa Department of Environmental Protection 

(Small Business Advantage Grant)

3. Ongoing Reduced Electric and Maintenance Costs

4. Increased Productivity and employee morale

Next Steps:


  • We design a solution that meets your needs and gather the energy rebates and grant requirements. 

  • We work with the power company and grant administrator to prepare the information needed for your application. 

  • All that is needed: Current copy of your electric bill, inventory of all your lighting. 

  • At this point you will know what your energy rebate and grant will be and your final out of pocket costs, ROI and projected ongoing energy savings.

What to Expect

When you contact SC Conserve, you can expect professionalism and quality, detailed work. For parking lots and sports lighting, we will provide a proposal, including a before and after photometric sheet, or point by point sheet, to see exactly where the lighting improvements will be. We will explain the process and be sure that you're getting exactly what fits your needs for the best price. 


Not Just LED's....



At SC Conserve, we care about more than just lighting to combat over consumption of energy. That includes building automation, as well as IN'FLECTOR. This incredible product does so much in such an easy way. It keeps the temperature in your room the temperature that you actually set your thermostat at! IN'FLECTOR saves money BECAUSE it saves energy! 

Grant and Energy Rebate Programs For Upgraded Lighting